Order Gas NOW for your Holiday

Heading out for a holiday soon? Excited about your outdoor adventures but worried about running out of LPG gas refills and bottles? Look no further than SimsGas, your one-stop shop for all your gas and refill needs. With top-quality products, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have everything you need for your outdoor adventures. […]

Top 3 summer vegan gas grill recipes

We often think of red meats and boerewors whenever anyone mentions a braai, but vegetarian and vegan options are frequently left to the wayside. That need not be the case, as endless star-studded plant-based meals can be cooked on the gas braai. From a delicious platter to grilled fruits and scrumptious salads, a gas braai […]

KZN Farmers left stranded after Loadshedding. Is Gas the solution?

While many South Africans are reaching their wit’s end, businesses in the agricultural sector are flushing away millions of rands in produce to a lack of refrigeration and storage solutions due to complete reliance on the grid. Loadshedding is seemingly here to stay for the long haul, and finding alternative solutions is now one of […]

Top 10 Tips for storing LPG gas for business

It takes work to run a business during an energy crisis. Ask any entrepreneur, and they will tell you that keeping all your energy needs within one basket (that being the energy grid) presents you with a sink-or-swim scenario. As such, LPG has become a crucial clean power alternative to ensuring that production and heating […]

Blocked gas stove or faulty igniter? Try these hacks

Given the current energy climate in South Africa, it’s no surprise that gas stoves have become incredibly popular. They are quick and convenient and offer homeowners a handful of cooking and heating advantages beyond the ability to use them when the power goes out. While coil-element or electric stoves start automatically, gas stoves require you […]

Could LPG help tackle the challenges of load shedding?

According to a government survey conducted in early May of 2022, only 0.5% of the total energy used in SA is attributed to LPG. With a power grid in crisis and Stage 2 now a daily norm, the need to diversify our energy distribution and production capabilities have never been more apparent. The government is […]

Ordering Gas online with SimsGas

As a well-established and dedicated provider of petroleum products, LPG gas and related services, SimsGas equips businesses and private homes with a safe, efficient and reliable clean power alternative. As a service-driven company, our primary focus is professionally treating all of our clients, ensuring that their gas needs are met and that all concerns are […]

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