Blocked gas stove or faulty igniter? Try these hacks

Given the current energy climate in South Africa, it’s no surprise that gas stoves have become incredibly popular. They are quick and convenient and offer homeowners a handful of cooking and heating advantages beyond the ability to use them when the power goes out.

While coil-element or electric stoves start automatically, gas stoves require you to ignite the burners beforehand. And while that may be convenient during loadshedding, you may eventually find that they won’t light for some reason. Never fear; most of the time, these issues can be resolved without needing to call a technician. And while we always recommend speaking to a professional, consider these tips before incurring a repair cost.

Please note that some appliances may have a warranty in place. Check that it’s still applicable before making any DIY repairs and risk voiding it in the process.

Clogged with food debris

This is perhaps one of the most common causes of ignition failure. From grease to bread crumbs, food particles can find their way into small and hard-to-reach places, blocking your igniter.

To fix this, remove the cover grate and the burner cap. Both components should come off with relative ease. Some burner caps may require a screwdriver, while others simply lift off. Next, wipe down the surrounding area with a warm cloth and soapy water. Apply vinegar or warm water to the gas burner base and let it soak for a few minutes before scrubbing it with a stiff-bristled brush.

Clean out the gas burner holes using a sharp and thin object like a toothpick or sewing needle before resembling the components. If the igniter remains unresponsive, your electrical wiring may have an issue. Call us if you’re unsure about electrical work, and we’ll recommend the right professional to assist.

Check this video for more instructions – Cleaning out the gas stove grime

Loose connections in the wiring

A gas stove is not an overly complicated appliance, but it may be possible that some connections may become loose due to moving the stove or other factors. If the wiring connecting to the control module becomes dislodged, your igniter won’t spark. We recommend you have some electrical experience for the next part.

First, ensure you kill the power to the appliance before attempting any electrical work. It’s recommended you flip the breaker switch on your DV board. Next, remove the cover grate and the burner cap from the faulty gas burner, then remove the sealed burner base to get a look at the wiring. Check for any loose or disconnected wires and secure them. Reassemble the components, restore power to the gas stove, and test your connection.

Faults in your igniter

Should the above two tricks yield no result, the issue is likely your igniter. A good way to test if the igniter is faulty is by the colour of the spark. Generally, a working igniter sparks in bright bluish light, but should it produce a dull yellow or orange, then there is a problem.

Start by repeating the first steps of the last two tricks, and then disconnect any wires connected to the igniter. Most gas igniters have a quick disconnect system, so you won’t have to cut or splice wiring. Check the model number of your stove to ensure you get the suitable igniter replacement, and then install it as per manufacturer instructions.

Should none of these tricks help you, the issue may be present within the igniter switch, the control module, or both. Rather than hassling over replacing parts you aren’t sure of, give us a ring, and we’ll put you in touch with the right professional.

Check this video for more information – Replacing and cleaning gas stove components.

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