Could LPG help tackle the challenges of load shedding?

According to a government survey conducted in early May of 2022, only 0.5% of the total energy used in SA is attributed to LPG. With a power grid in crisis and Stage 2 now a daily norm, the need to diversify our energy distribution and production capabilities have never been more apparent.

The government is now taking notice

The government recently launched a campaign strategy with LPG at the forefront of the mix of alternative energy solutions. While LPG distributors have been saying this for years, the government has finally noticed, highlighting by their estimates that LPG could potentially solve some of the issues South Africans face.

They plan to showcase the benefits of LPG in television ads to convince citizens of its advantages. While a host of other alternatives are included in the proposal, LPG is the primary focus for cooking and heating thanks to its efficiency and low level of pollutants. Sustainability remains one of the main drives for alternative initiatives, and LPG checks all the boxes.

An energy source of choice for cooking and heating

The government strategy states that LPG should be a “much bigger deal in South Africa” and that it should be the energy solution of choice for cooking and heating purposes and a much-needed alternative to coal and paraffin.

LPG is “the most appropriate, efficient, and effective for household thermal needs”, says Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe after the strategy was approved by the cabinet. The office spokesperson also stated that LPG could go a long way in alleviating the demand for electricity in short supply.

While LPG is used privately and commercially, the main driver of the strategy will be to promote its use in rural areas through door-to-door campaigns showcasing LPG effectiveness and promoting safety tips. While promoting its strategy in rural areas, the government has also secured a deal with PetroSA to distribute LPG to previously disadvantaged business retailers within these areas.

Will this strategy be effective?

Since the strategy launch, Q3 of 2022 has seen a remarkable rise in the use of LPG. Whether or not this can be attributed to the new strategy or stages 2 to 6, which has been in effect since Aug 8, is still being determined. The recent bout of blackouts has been the longest stretch in our history, and many South Africans are left with little option but to move over to alternative fuel sources.

While the government needs to focus on alternative energy initiatives, it is also crucial that they do not lose sight of the Eskom crisis. Their primary focus on properly maintaining our grid and power stations should take priority.

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