Top 10 Tips for storing LPG gas for business

It takes work to run a business during an energy crisis. Ask any entrepreneur, and they will tell you that keeping all your energy needs within one basket (that being the energy grid) presents you with a sink-or-swim scenario. As such, LPG has become a crucial clean power alternative to ensuring that production and heating remain active during blackouts.

Most business owners will require more than one gas bottle. As such, understanding and following the correct safety procedures is essential. We look at 10 crucial storage and safety tips that all business owners must adhere to.

1 – Correct Position

Gas bottles must be stored in a vertical and upright position at all times. This is to ensure that there is no risk of dangerous gas leakages. NEVER store or use a gas bottle in a horizontal position.

2 – Store Outdoors

LPG gas must be stored outdoors only. Due to the high pressure in the bottle, they should never be stored indoors.

3 – Ventilation

CO2 built-up can result in severe health and safety risks. Always ensure that you store your gas bottles outdoors, on a level surface, and in a well-ventilated area. Dry and level ground is crucial. Be sure that no combustibles are in proximity.

4 – Safety Inspections

For business owners, it is always recommended that routine safety inspections be carried out by a professional and registered gas safety technician once a year.

5 – Storing multiple gas bottles

You must maintain a structured rotation on your stored gas bottles. This way, you use your oldest cylinders first, and empty bottles can be replaced and refilled conveniently. Be sure to give us a call when you need a gas refill.

6 – Usage Safety

ALWAYS turn gas valves off when not in use or empty to prevent leakages. Gas valves should be replaced after 5 or 6 refills.

7 – Signage

As a business owner, litigation is always a risk. This is why signage is essential. Not only does it warn off visitors and staff, but it also protects you if an accident occurs.

8 – Heat Sources

Always store your gas bottles in a cool, well-ventilated space. Do not store your bottles in direct sunlight or close to warm areas.

9 – Gas detection systems

Gas leakages may still occur regardless of how stringent your safety regulations are. As such, a gas detection system is recommended for all businesses and homeowners. In the event of a leakage, you’ll be notified quickly instead of waiting for a smell to develop.

10 – Gas hoses and pipes

Gas hoses and pipes provide the vital throughway required to utilise LPG in many businesses. If you have a hose or pipe. Ensure that they are checked regularly, and should you require a replacement, then get in touch with us to recommend a certified gas engineer. They will ensure that replacements are done correctly and with approved parts.

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