Empowering Consumers and Encouraging LPG Safety in South Africa

As the demand for LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) continues to rise in South Africa, ensuring the safety of consumers becomes paramount. We explore the collaborative efforts of SimsGas and Oryx Energies Gas in promoting LPG safety and empowering consumers.

With the introduction of Oryx’sGet The Green” campaign, we delve into the initiatives aimed at educating consumers about LPG safety and providing valuable tips on identifying legally filled LPG cylinders. Additionally, we highlight the exciting prizes the campaign offers to engage consumers and encourage their participation.

Introducing Oryx’s “Get The Green” Campaign

Oryx Gas has recently launched its ambitious “Get The Green” campaign, which SimsGas is a proud proponent of. This campaign represents a significant investment in the South African market, demonstrating their commitment to LPG safety and consumer empowerment. The primary objective of the campaign is to educate consumers about the importance of LPG safety, foster responsible usage, and promote the recognition of legally filled LPG cylinders.

Promoting LPG Safety: A Priority for SimsGas and Oryx Gas

Both SimsGas and Oryx Gas have made LPG safety a top priority in our operations. Through comprehensive training programs and ongoing safety initiatives, Oryx Gas strives to ensure consumers have access to safe and reliable LPG products, and we are proud promoters of this campaign.

As such, the “Get The Green” campaign serves as an extension of this commitment, empowering consumers with the knowledge to make informed decisions and protect themselves from potential hazards associated with illegally filled LPG cylinders.

Tips on Identifying Legally Filled LPG Cylinders

As part of the campaign, SimsGas and Oryx Gas provide valuable tips to consumers on identifying legally filled LPG cylinders. Consumers must be able to distinguish between legal and illegal cylinders to ensure their safety and compliance with industry regulations. Some key indicators include official safety seals, proper labelling, accurate weight markings, and legitimate supplier information. By being vigilant and knowledgeable, consumers can play an active role in promoting LPG safety.

Engaging Consumers with Exciting Prizes

To incentivise consumer participation in the “Get The Green” campaign, Oryx Gas has introduced exciting prizes, which will be announced by their campaign mascot Bonang the LPG gas bottle, each week until the end of August.

To enter, all you need to do is:

• 1- Purchase an authentic Oryx Gas cylinder
• 2- Take a picture of your sealed Oryx Gas cylinder
• 3- Take a picture of your till slip
• 4- Join us on WhatsApp: Scan the QR code in the store or use +27 67 419 6087
• 5- Start the chat with Bonang by sending “Get the Green” and follow the message prompts.

Consumers can win LPG appliances such as roll-about heaters, mushroom heaters, 2-plate stoves and more. Oryx Gas aims to engage consumers and reward them for their commitment to LPG safety. As such, participating in the campaign not only ensures personal safety but also offers a chance to enhance one’s home comfort during the winter season!

Visit their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/oryxenergiessouthafrica/
Oryx Energies website: https://www.oryxenergies.com/en/oryx-energies

Promoting LPG safety through the “Get The Green” campaign demonstrates our dedication to consumer well-being and empowerment. By educating consumers about LPG safety measures and providing tips on identifying legally filled LPG cylinders, we strive to create a safer and more informed LPG market in South Africa.

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