Some interesting facts about LPG gas you may not know.

With our unstable electricity and its rising cost, LPG Gas is becoming the favoured alternative energy source to power our homes. While you may know some facts about LPG Gas, here are 11 interesting facts that you might not know.


LPG Gas is: 

  1. Colourless and odourless.
  2. Clean, non-toxic and safe.
  3. Produced during natural gas processing.
  4. Usually stored, in its liquid form, in steel pressure vessels from 9kg gas bottles to larger gas cylinders and even larger LPG tanks.
  5. Ideal for use indoors because it does not emit smoke when it burns. 
  6. Portable and can be easily transported to both urban and rural areas
  7. A versatile energy source used in a diverse range of applications – in the Commercial, Industrial, and Domestic industries such as rearing poultry, forklifts, processing textiles, heating geysers and boilers.  
  8. Known as Autogas in the automotive industry when used as a fuel in internal combustion engines in vehicles like cars, buses, lorries or trucks.


And, other interesting facts

  1. It is used to power the Olympic torch.
  2. It produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than petrol, diesel and electricity.
  3. All gas appliances supplied in South Africa must be tested to ensure they meet SABS standards and that they will be completely safe provided they are used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

With the many benefits of gas, and with Sims Gas ready to deliver to your homes or offices and keep you well supplied, switching to LPG Gas is a definite consideration for the future.


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