Make getting off the grid part of your New Year’s resolution by switching to gas. Here’s how…

With so much focus on being environmentally friendly and the high cost of electricity these days, not to mention the continuous power cuts, make it a New Year’s resolution to start getting off the grid by switching to appliances which use LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas, an efficient and clean energy source. 

is produced during natural gas processing and is stored as a liquid under pressure in gas bottles or tanks. As it heats up quickly, reaching its maximum heat almost immediately, it has a low carbon footprint and is much cheaper than electricity. It is bottled in refillable cylinders making it even more cost-effective. 

Switching to gas appliances may be costly initially but the long term financial savings of doing this will be well worth it and more eco friendly. However, it is also possible to begin getting off the grid gradually and in small, more affordable steps. Here we discuss both the expensive and less expensive options of switching to gas powered appliances. 


Where Options are Only Inexpensive
Gas Hot Plates
These are inexpensive, quick heating, portable, stand-alone small appliance cooktops with one or more heating elements or gas burners. Ideally, use these instead of your electric hob where possible and keep for backup when there is load-shedding or no electricity.


Where Options are Both Inexpensive and Expensive
Gas braais
Small and portable versions are available.
Install* a built-in gas braai on your patio.

Gas Heaters
Portable, indoor gas heaters can be moved around in the home or outside onto the patio and even outdoors.

  • When fixed in place, or wall-mounted, these gas heaters are designed for heating large areas. 
  • Modern gas heaters which look like fireplaces can be positioned between one or more rooms to heat the spaces simultaneously. They give off a lot of heat, so when the rooms have warmed up, you can save gas by reducing to a lower heat.


Gas Stoves

  • Use small and portable gas stoves instead of an electric stove where possible and as backup for when there is load-shedding or no electricity.

With Gas stoves, there is instant control of heat from high to low and it is much easier to regulate the temperature. Gas-only stoves can be permanently installed* in your kitchen, replacing your electric stove as the main cooking device or you can select a Dual-fuel stove so that you can choose which power you want to use at will. Just remember that using the gas option is generally much cheaper.


Where Options are Only Expensive
Gas Water Heaters or Gas Geysers
Because Electric geysers are huge consumers of a home’s electricity, gas geysers are often the first replacement choice when converting to gas. They are extremely efficient as:

  • They only use the gas as and when it is required;
  • They only start to produce hot water when the hot tap is turned on so only the water that is needed is actually heated;
  • No water is wasted whilst waiting for the water to heat.

Consider these suggestions and determine your own needs but make it a New Year’s resolution to begin getting off the grid by switching to gas. You will reduce your expenses and will be lowering your carbon footprint and saving the environment. 

Here are some other, easy, cheap suggestions – which are not related to gas – to help you to start becoming energy efficient by switching to :

  • LED light bulbs.
  • rechargeable lights.
  • solar cell chargers, car phone chargers or a cell phone power bank.
  • surge protector plugs for your fridge, television and computer.

*It is important to note that Gas installations MUST be handled by a Gas Installer who MUST be registered with the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africa (LPGAS) and who will issue you with a Gas Compliance Certificate which is also required by your insurer to keep your insurance policy valid.

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