Order Gas NOW for your Holiday

Heading out for a holiday soon? Excited about your outdoor adventures but worried about running out of LPG gas refills and bottles? Look no further than SimsGas, your one-stop shop for all your gas and refill needs. With top-quality products, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have everything you need for your outdoor adventures. Don’t let a lack of gas spoil your holiday plans.

Don’t get left in the dark this holiday

Loadshedding can be a real headache, especially when on holiday. While most holiday homes are equipped with electric hobs, ensuring you’re stocked with the right appliances, such as gas lanterns, is also essential. 

Gas lanterns provide bright, reliable light, ensuring you’re not left in the dark during load shedding. They are also great for outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. So, add a gas lantern to your holiday shopping list and be prepared for any power outages or increased stages of loadshedding.

Shop for quality lanterns [here]. These can be connected directly to your gas bottle.

Refill cylinders

SimsGas encourages all customers to refill their gas cylinders instead of buying new ones. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it’s also cost-effective. If you’re heading out for a holiday and need a gas refill, consider joining this initiative.

Cooking breakfast/lunch on the skottel – need a gas bottle?

You’ll need a gas bottle to cook breakfast or lunch on a skottel during your holiday. SimsGas offers a wide range of gas bottles to suit all your cooking needs. Our sizes include the following:

  • 9kg Bottle
  • 14kg Bottle
  • 19kg Bottle
  • 48kg Bottle

For a short trip or a large bottle for an extended stay, SimsGas has you covered. Our top-quality gas bottles allow you to cook up a storm and enjoy delicious meals with your family and friends.

Need a new Skottel Braai? Leroy Merlin stocks well-sized appliances at affordable rates. Take a look [here]

Ready, Set, Gas: Get Your Holiday Fuel from SimsGas

Are you ready for your holiday? Make sure you’re all set with SimsGas. We offer top-quality gas refills and bottles, refill services, and delivery straight to your door. Whether you need a gas bottle, gas lantern, or gas refill, SimsGas has it all. So, don’t let a lack of gas spoil your holiday plans – order from SimsGas today and enjoy a stress-free outdoor adventure.

Order your LPG Gas online: https://simsgas.co.za/shop/
Phone: 0861 746 7427

Email: jhbsales@simsgas.co.za

We will deliver to your home or business, so order today!

Johannesburg Phone: 011 494 4232
Durban Phone: 031 902 6533
Email: jhbsales@simsgas.co.za
Or fill in your gas supply query here: https://simsgas.co.za/contact-us/

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