Could LPG and solar geysers help tackle the challenges of load shedding?

2022 has been an unprecedented year of scheduled load shedding which has affected our capabilities in business and at home. Many of us are quickly seeing the added benefits of going off the grid, at least partially, to mitigate against rising fuel costs, energy prices and a lack of grid reliability.

One of the most energy-sapping appliances in our home remains the geyser. On average, it represents between 25% and 40% of the total amount of your electricity bill. Switching to either gas or solar is quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners. Let’s explore the benefits and advantages of both.

The convenience of Gas

While solar energy comes freely from the sun, once your energy runs out you’re likely to have cold showers in the evening if you do not have an inverter installed. There are also extreme costs associated with going solar which takes a while before you see any return on your investment.

Gas geysers don’t have this issue, and are more convenient in terms of application. On top of this, gas geysers, especially when powered with LPG, offer a more constant and stable flow of hot water. Gas geysers are also more cost-effective to install. The only downside to using gas is if there is ever a shortage in supply. Luckily, South Africa has plenty of stock in reserve.

What you need to know about going solar

If you have the initial upfront capital to invest in both a solar system and an inverter, you WILL see a good return in the long run. Solar also relies upon the abundance of sunlight which means you don’t have to worry about a fuel source. It is mostly reliable and doesn’t require much maintenance over and above installation.

If you choose to go solar then be forewarned that there are a few downsides. For one, should your supply of hot water run out then you’ll have to wait a while before the geyser heats up. Gas, on the other hand, offers stable and efficient heating while your pipes are in use. During rainy or overcast days your solar system may need to dip into reserves to keep things warm. And if you don’t have reserves, you’re back on the grid.

But beyond a few drags, solar is an excellent alternative if installed correctly and with the right power source storage system. The only advantage solar has over gas is that you do not need to buy gas bottles regularly. However, if you order from SimsGas, we can deliver straight to your door! Ensuring a steady and consistent flow of LPG.

What about having both?

Again, if you have the budget, then why not combine the convenience of gas and the power source-saving advantages of solar to get the best of both worlds? Technological advancements in geyser appliances mean that you can install gas geysers that are compatible with any existing solar installation you may have.

If you’re interested in getting a gas/solar hybrid, look at some of these exceptional units. These geysers require a solar to gas valve to seamlessly switch your solar water heating systems to gas. These units are not much more expensive than their fan-powered counterparts, and installation will generally be cheaper, depending on your setup.

Gas geysers compatible with solar.

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