Theft of Gas bottles at home and service stations

Don’t let your gas cylinders get into the wrong hands! Always ensure that you adhere to the safety regulations of the LPG Association and that your gas bottles are safely and securely stored at home, or at service stations, to avoid any theft.There is a huge demand for cylinders and due to shortages theft occurs. Make sure you purchase your LPG from a legal reseller/distributor. Legal resellers invest in cylinders hence no need hunting for cylinders. 


Gas bottles at home
If you store your gas cylinders in a lockable, well-ventilated, cool, shaded, storage cage and adhere to the following regulatory safety guidelines, then thieves will not gain access to them easily.

Gas bottles must be stored 

  • in an upright position
  • above ground
  • away from any entrance or exit areas of your home or any drains
  • and secured with a non-abrasive strap or chain so that they cannot be knocked over
  • protected from interference and damage by animals, children or other persons – preferably in a lockable, well-ventilated, cool, shaded, storage cage.

Gas bottles may not be installed:

  • Less than 1 metre sideways from doors and windows
  • Less than 2 metres from drains and air vents
  • Less than 3 metres below windows (unless a non-combustible roof is installed)
  • Less than 1 metre from the property boundary wall (unless it is a fire wall)
  • Less than 5 metres sideways away from a switchable electric point or plug switch

It is best to stay safe and comply with the safety standards, so if storage space is limited then rather store fewer gas cylinders and arrange more frequent deliveries.


Gas bottles at service stations
Gas cylinders, for sale or exchange at filling stations, should be stored in a store-room, or compliant enclosure, which is:

  • Clearly demarcated as a hazardous area with signage warning about the hazards of LPGGas.
  • Above ground level
  • Kept locked and secured against theft and vandals
  • Fire-proofed
  • Designed so that should a fire occur, the gas cylinders can be removed easily
  • Be kept cool, and well ventilated both at the top and the bottom 
  • Well removed from any flammable sources, and combustible materials or vegetation   
  • Located away from open drains
  • Where all the cylinders can be stored and kept upright
  • Where full and empty cylinders are kept separate and demarcated as such to prevent any confusion or mistakes.

If you follow these guidelines of LPG Gas storage at all times, your gas bottles should be safe from harm and theft.

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