Staying Safe and Warm this Winter with LPG Gas

At this time of the year as the temperature drops and the air becomes chillier each day, many of us think of unpacking our winter-wear, of warm comforting meals prepared on our gas stove and the indoor warmth generated by our gas heaters. 

But, are our gas appliances in good working order and do we still remember all the safety tips on using gas? With the possibility of having “load shedding” again, and the rising costs of electricity, there is even more focus now on using gas for heating or cooking. 

LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas, is an efficient and clean energy source.  It is produced during natural gas processing and is stored as a liquid under pressure in gas bottles, cylinders or tanks. But, whether using or transporting LPG, it needs to be treated with great caution.

Here are some general safety tips on gas:

Ensure that Gas Bottles are Stored:

  1. In an upright position.
  2. On a solid, level surface.
  3. If outside of your house and above ground.
  4. A good distance away from any drains, or any entrance or exit areas of your home.
  5. In a well ventilated, enclosed area.


Ensure that Gas Bottles are Not Exposed to:

  1. Heat or to any heat or power source, or sunlight.
  2. Flammable items such as grass, leaves, fabric, paper etc.
  3. Any interference and damage by animals, children or other persons.

Reject Your LPG Gas Bottle

  1. If the seal is broken.
  2. If its next test date has already expired.


Ensure that you

  1. Only have a single gas bottle connected to a single cooking appliance at any one time.
  2. Switch off your gas bottle and gas appliance properly at all times.
  3. Only buy your gas bottles from authorised vendors or gas suppliers.
  4. Only have your gas bottles filled or exchanged at an authorised dealer.
  5. Service all your LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) appliances regularly.
  6. Turn off the gas supply at the emergency stop valve, if you are going to be away from home for a long period of time.
  7. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home.

Applying the Gas Safety Tips 

Knowing these tips, but applying them at all times can often be two different things. 

Think of… those winter evenings when you are snugly reclining on your couch in your gas heater-warmed lounge watching TV. It’s been a hard day at the office or doing your at home chores, your tummy is filled with a hearty and winter-warming meal – isn’t it just too easy to succumb to the evening’s lull and cosiness and to find one’s eyes closing? Yes, it does happen and perhaps all too often…sometimes with disastrous outcomes!

So be prepared and be proactive always. To avoid any disasters, ensure that you, before using, and whilst using, your gas heater: 

  1. Do not stand, or sit, too close to it as gas burns are most unpleasant.
  2. Position it at least one metre away from all flammable objects such as furniture, curtains, magazines, blanket or throws.
  3. Position it well out of the reach of children and pets.
  4. Do not cover it with, or place on it, any clothing or other fabric items, like towels, which may catch alight.
  5. Allow the room some ventilation to avoid it becoming too stuffy. Low amounts of carbon monoxide are produced by gas heaters but this can cause serious illness if allowed to build up in a confined space over a period of time.
  6. Wait for the appliance to cool down first before moving it.

Always follow the safety tips when using gas and always ensure that
all your gas appliances are switched off after use and before going to bed or leaving your property.

Then you will always be secure in the knowledge that your home and family will be safe and warm with LPG Gas and LPG Gas Appliances.

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