Save money – Use Liquid Petroleum Gas

It’s a well-known fact that Liquid Petroleum Gas is an inexpensive option for heating your home and for powering all your cooking needs. LPG still remains the most common form of gas used in South Africa, but despite the cost benefits, LPG has other advantages that make it the preferred option for modern use.


How LPG is better than natural gas.

As mentioned above, cost-savings associated with LPG has made it a cheaper alternative to running your home solely off the grid. But various other benefits now make Liquid Petroleum Gas the natural option among South African buyers.

  • LPG is portable, delivered via easy to install gas canisters.
  • LPG is easy to utilise with an on and off initiation which is immediate and responsive. It offers better heat regulation when you cook
  • Compared to other cooking gasses, LPG radiates less heat. Meaning your kitchen wont sore up to extreme temperatures on hot and humid days.
  • Out of all existing fossil fuels, LPG generates the lowest carbon emissions with minimal greenhouse effects. Cooking with LPG could bring your emissions down by almost 70%.


How it’s cheaper

LPG brings the overall costs way below that of other gas alternatives (such as natural gas) that seem inexpensive on face value. Although natural gas is in its infancy in South Africa, and although the gas itself is cheaper, the cost of upkeep brings average pricing way above that of LPG.

Natural Gas requires access to both a metered pipeline, and an external reserve. Should you live in an area that provides access, daily supply charges are billed based on a consumption meter so you’re paying for it even when not in use. The service itself is estimated to cost an average daily charge of R17 to R30. Not much, but when tallied up to yearly costs, you’re paying over R6000 for the service alone.

Add the gas to that, and the cost goes to over R8000 despite the savings you think you’re making on the gas itself. LPG doesn’t have this issue because you’re buying portable and reusable gas canisters without waste or monthly charges and tariffs.


Purchase LPG through SimsGas

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