Not sure if your gas bottle is empty?

Do not worry, as experts in the field of LPG, Sims Gas will guide you through this pretty simple process. Not only that, but we will give you some tips on how to check for gas leaks and the proper way to refill. All you need to do is read on ahead and we will do the rest!


What to look out for

This tried and true test is pretty simple to conduct but not too obvious from the outset so don’t feel bad if you have never considered this!

First things first, boil up some water and pour it down one side of the gas bottle. This will allow for a line of condensation to appear on the outside of the bottle. With the power of the sense of touch, run your hand along the surface and you will note a distinct change of temperature where the gas level sits.

Where there is no gas, the surface will be hotter, and where the gas line starts, the surface should be much cooler, if you feel no difference at all then, Congratulations – You’ve got an empty gas bottle!


What if my gas bottle is leaking?

Good question! We find that most gas leaks occur from defects within the lining of the rubber tubes, a faulty regulator, or damage incurred from mishandled gas bottles. Generally speaking, you will know when you have a gas leak thanks to the distinctive smell you will pick up. 

Did you know that gas is odourless? That’s right! The smell you pick up is an additional additive put in for your safety so act quickly when you smell gas lingering around. LGP is colourless, non-toxic, but also very hard to detect without additional awareness of its properties.


My Gas Bottle is empty, can I refill it myself?

We tend to recommend against trying to DIY a gas refill unless you are a certified gas whiz like our employees at Sims Gas.

Because gas cylinders are highly pressurised, if you tried to remove or refill the gas yourself without any expertise then you could cause yourself some serious harm or worse! When your gas bottle is empty, return it to us at Sims Gas and our expert team will gladly refill and exchange your bottle safely.


For emergencies, contact:
Emergency – Ambulance (10177)
Emergency – Cell phone (112)
Emergency – National (10111)

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