Replace Paraffin Stoves with LPG Gas Hob Burners, here’s why.

Who are the paraffin stove users in South Africa and why should they transfer to LPG (or Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Liquid Petroleum Gas) gas hob burners?  Here are some reasons:


Paraffin Stoves

Paraffin Stoves are predominantly used in informal settlements.


Why you should switch from paraffin stoves.

  1. They are considered unsafe cooking appliances.
  2. They are one of the main causes of fire-related accidents in the home.
  3. They are a fire hazard especially in over-crowded settlements where a fire in one home can quickly travel across and burn numerous houses at a time.
  4. They must be balanced on flat, level surfaces to prevent being knocked over easily. 
  5. The life-span of these stoves is only approximately six months but impoverished communities tend to ignore this limit.


And because paraffin:

  1. Is poisonous.
  2. Releases toxic fumes often into the usually small confined households.
  3. Explodes easily.
  4. Is in liquid form.
  5. Needs to be handled with great care as spillages can cause burns.
  6. Must be stored safely, tightly and according to regulations.

LPG Gas Hob Burners 

LPG Gas Hob Burners are used in both low-income households as well as rural communities. This is because they are a bit more expensive to purchase – but they are more versatile in that they are ideal for cooking, heating and lighting.


Why you should switch to LPG Gas Hob Burners:

  1. They are very safe and easy to use.
  2. They are sturdy and well-balanced.
  3. They are faster at heating and cooking which means lower gas usage even though LPG gas costs more.
  4. They distribute heat more evenly so food has less chance of burning.
  5. They extinguish the flame immediately the stove is switched off and the heat dies down simultaneously


And because LPG gas:

  1. Is not poisonous.
  2. Does not expose the household to any health hazards.
  3. Burns cleanly so the home is not filled with smoke or odours.
  4. Is bottled tightly in highly pressurised cylinders which do not explode easily.
  5. Is bottled in cylinders so handling and storage is less of a problem.
  6. Lights up quickly and easily.
  7. Is environment friendly.
  8. Requires careful handling and correct storage, as with all fuel types, to minimise the risk of explosions and fire.


LPG Gas Hob Burners costing more initially, being safer to use and operating more cheaply are only some of the reasons which paraffin stove users should consider when deciding whether to transfer to LPG gas hob burners. But in the long term, the benefits of this more expensive outlay will become more than evident.


If you would like a chance to own an LPG Gas Hob Burner, then follow the link to enter the competition : or for more information on LPG, follow the link:

Is LPG a Versatile Option for Rural Communities?

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