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Using LPG in Forklift trucks (FLT) will be a more economical choice than any other energy source available.
Using  LPG to power your Forklift trucks can offer numerous benefits over other energy sources, some of which are listed below:

Consistent Performance :

Challenges such as steep gradients or rough terrains are a thing of the past, by using  LPG you are guaranteed overall consistency when it comes to Forklift truck performance.

Time efficiency :

Unlike battery powered Forklift trucks, using  LPG means there is no recharging
and therefore no ‘down’ time. This saves on labour costs and reduces the chances
of injury amongst the work force. Offering you 24 hours continual performance, LPG stands out as a leading competitor within the FLT Industry.

Cost effective :

 LPG for ForkLift trucks is a more economical choice than any other energy source available. Substantial savings can be made e.g. should your company have a large fleet, then the cheapest option would be the bulk system. However, if you should only have a few FLT’s then cylinders would be a more cost efficient choice.

Low Maintenance : 

LPG is a clean burning fuel, meaning that there is less wear caused to the spark plugs and other components, which means that the FLT’s are easier to maintain and the costs for replacement parts is reduced dramatically.