No power? No Problem… Cook with gas

Gas hobs are an easy and cost-effective clean power alternative appliance to cook with. Meaning you no longer have to wait for plate temperatures to get right. With an open flame, you can evenly distribute heat to your pots and pans.

Let’s explore why this accessory makes getting dinner ready fast, safe, and affordable!

Cook through the dark

With regular load-shedding and power outages becoming an ongoing issue in South Africa, you can rest assured that with a gas hob you will still be able to prepare meals for your family. With gas bottles being easily obtainable (thanks to our commitment to bringing power to people), it’s always a good idea to keep a spare gas bottle stored for emergencies.

Save money, use gas!

One of the most beneficial uses of a gas hob is the massive savings you will enjoy in monthly expenses. Gas is cheaper than electricity, the plates heat up instantaneously, and cool down the moment they are turned off. This is because gas produces a steady and constant supply of power which lowers consumption and allows for longer use. 

At Sims Gas we supply a variety of Liquid Petroleum Gas bottles to suit your needs and we deliver directly to you. 

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Clean and Green

Liquid Petroleum Gas is one of the cleanest sources of energy available. As such, gas doesn’t produce the same by-products as coal or oil that is used to produce electricity. These harmful bi-products like sulfur and carbon dioxide contribute negatively to the ever present existential threat of climate change.

Combine with our SABS approved LPG bottles

Gas hobs assure safety with a heating top that is SABS approved and our environmentally friendly and non-toxic LPG gas bottle replacements are all the fuel you need . We deliver directly to you and our registered technicians, who only use tested and Sims Gas approved tools for the job, install them for your convenience. 

Become eco-friendly, self sustaining, and energy efficient when using gas powered by our LPG Bottles and utilise a system that is guaranteed to reduce harmful effects on the environment as well as save you money on electricity bills.


We Deliver Diesel to your home or business!

Do you need diesel for your generators, a small fleet or for your forklifts? Contact Sims Gas  and we will deliver the diesel straight to your door.

Please note: the diesel price changes on a monthly basis so call or email our office for the latest price.

Phone: 0861 746 7427

We will deliver to your home or business, so order today!

Johannesburg Phone: 011 494 4232
Durban Phone: 031 902 6533
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