Get Ready: Winter is Coming! – Five Gas prep tips

Gas is vital for the winter months. We use it to prepare meals, keep our showers hot, and warm up our homes on those frigid days. That’s why adequate preparation, the correct storage of your LPG canisters, and knowledge of where to resupply is important to staying warm and comfortable! 


Winter savings
The Northern Hemisphere is coming out of one of the coldest winters to date. That means that we may be heading into one ourselves. With regular gas prices fluctuating into the higher price range thanks to this cold spell, buying your gas before the winter craze hits is usually the way to go. This year may see a slight dip in prices during our winter month which means that the best time to stock up on refills or more bottles is now! 


Correct storage procedures
The first rule of thumbs; don’t store your gas canisters inside. It may seem intuitive to stow your gas away from the harsh elements of winter but keeping them outdoors is the most important safety precaution you can take. Although there are occasions where storing gas in your home is the only option. You will need to ensure that it’s stored in a hard to reach and ventilated cupboard and be sure to have this space checked and cleared by a certified gas professional.

That said, gas can still go bad under the wrong circumstances so always ensure that your gas valve is tightly shut and that it’s standing in a permanently upright position.

At SimsGas we test each of our LPG bottles rigorously so that they meet the standard safety requirements before we hand them over to you. But despite this, it is up to each client to treat their canisters with care and use gas responsibly. 


Have Extra Stock
The colder months leave plenty of uncertainty when it comes to exactly how much gas you use as opposed to how much you think you’ll use. Even though it’s important to save wherever possible, it’s extremely challenging trying to balance that with staying warm. Always have extra stock of LPG bottles stored away for an emergency. It’s much better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them!


Need to know the most efficient way to refill your gas canister? One important tip to bear in mind is that you should NEVER attempt to refill yourself. At SimsGas, we offer a once-off price for both gas and your canister. Bring it back empty and we’ll refill your gas. You’ll pay no more than the original gas deposit fee. 

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Buying your LPG
Look no further than SimsGas!

SimsGas is a well established and a recognised accredited agent, as well as a distributor of Petroleum Products for BP South Africa. We are your number one suppliers of LPG canisters and deliver straight to your door since gas distribution is core to our business model.

SimsGas is a highly service driven company with customer satisfaction at the forefront of our operational strategies. We aren’t just gas suppliers, we are your energy business partner! 

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We Deliver Diesel to your home or business!
Do you need diesel for your generators, a small fleet or your forklifts? Contact Sims Gas and we will deliver the diesel straight to your door.

Please note: the diesel price changes often,  so call or email our office for the latest price.

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