Five life-saving steps to when you have a gas leak at home

You may be surprised at how frequent a gas leak can occur. That’s why dealing with them as quickly and effectively as possible is extremely important for you and your family’s safety. The mere smell of gas from inside or lingering around the surrounding walls should be enough of a sign to take swift action.

Step 1

Evacuate the house and make sure that you leave all doors and windows open to ensure the best possible ventilation of gas. If a gas leak is ever sectioned off without a proper escape route, you could potentially suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Step 2

Once you’ve made sure no one else is left in the house, close off the valve on your gas bottle by turning it clockwise. Make sure to keep the damaged part of the bottle facing upwards while handling so that only vapour and no liquid escapes. Once you are sure the valve is securely turned off, attempt to move the bottle outside if you can, however if not, immediately stop and leave this to your professionals. NEVER attempt to fix a gas leak on your own.

Step 3

This goes without saying, but refrain from lighting any combustible power sources or accessories. Whether they be matches, lamps, stoves, toasters, or any electrical appliance that can produce a spark. Be sure to avoid ALL electronics until your leak is dealt with.

Step 4

Let the professionals step in to solve this potential crisis from happening again and have a qualified gas technician come through to assess the damage and/or replace your broken unit. Do not go back inside your house until the expert technician has given you the all-clear.

Step 5

Once you have had your gas system cleared and checked by a qualified fitter, be sure to include a detailed report on the leak and how it came to be, to assure that you do not have a repeat incidence.

For emergencies, contact:
Emergency – Ambulance (10177)
Emergency – Cell phone (112)
Emergency – National (10111)

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