Five Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean and safe fuel that contains a range of useful properties. Below we take a look at our top five interesting facts you may or may not know about the versatility and practicality of LPG.


1 – LPG is actually NOT a by-product

Whereas many traditional fuels deteriorate and lose efficiency over time, LPG maintains consistent energy distribution. Such an indefinite time period only makes the high efficiency even better.

Without comparison, SimsGas LPG is one of the foremost flexible fuels, and with good reason, since it’s often cited as a multi-purpose energy source. This is why LPG is actually not a by-product because it’s up to five times more efficient than natural gas and is synthesised for this reason. LPG’s efficiency is an unparalleled advantage for both people and the planet.


2 – Easiest compression attributes

LPG features a higher octane number, hence engines can run effectively at relatively high compression ratios. The CO and HC emissions increase because the compression ratio, speed, and cargo increase.

Within the case of using SimsGas LPG as a fuel, the burning rate of fuel is increased, and thus, the combustion duration is less. Therefore, the cylinder pressures and temperatures predicted for LPG are higher. LPG is also lead-free and has a very low sulphur content.


3 – LPG is stored in liquid form but converts to gas

LPG turns back to gas vapour after you release gas pressure from the bottle by turning on your gas appliance. The pressure level within the bottle also increases with temperature. It turns to gas by boiling and turning from a liquid to vapour – a process called vaporisation.

To boil, LPG draws heat from the steel walls of the gas bottle which in return, gets heat from the ambient air. As with water, the more heat that’s applied, the faster it boils, vaporising at a faster rate.

Evaporation makes the gas bottle feel colder than the ambient temperature. When in use, the gas gets colder.


4 – Actually, LPG canisters don’t explode as shown in Hollywood

Gas cylinders can explode but not easily or often. It’s actually really hard to force a gas cylinder to explode. Gas explosions are nearly always caused by a leak accumulating in an internal space, combined with an ignition source, often not even near the cylinder.

SimsGas considers safety as a vital component of our services. Should a gas leak occur, it is likely that it will be first noticed by the smell. If you pick up any gaseous smell, Immediately turn off the supply at the main stop valves and contact an installer for internal leaks and appliance problems.

LPG is a safe, reliable,  and convenient alternative to electricity. 


5 – LPG is now considered a renewable energy source

Energy producers are pioneering the assembly of renewable LPG. It’s essentially a clone of traditional gas in terms of its chemical structure and physical properties with one big exception- it isn’t made from fossil fuels!

Scientists have developed a brand new biosynthetic process that obliquely converts sunlight to create gas renewables. To do this, they created a genetically engineered version of the common E. coli bacteria to synthesize the process.

The bacteria consume sugar and are tricked, through genetic modification and also the help of a pair of enzymes into making propane rather than their normal cellular material. The LPG produced is chemically a twin of regular gas.

This renewable LPG is often used just like the traditionally derived fuel version. This implies it’s suitable for everything from autogas to home gas appliances.


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