Exploring Liquid Petroleum Gas, what it is, and how it’s used

LPG, also known as liquified petroleum gas, is a versatile fuel commonly used in homes as a medium for cooking, heating, and hot water and is also used in businesses. You may often see people swapping LPG bottles at the local petrol station, getting ready to power up their braai.

LPG is used on gas stoves, cooktops, ovens, heaters, and fireplaces. There are also clothes dryers that run on this versatile fuel source. Braai, patio heaters, rooftop fireplaces, pizza ovens, and fire pits are all types of outdoor appliances that use LPG.


Properties of LPG

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean and safe fuel that contains a range of useful properties. The properties of LPG (properties of propane and butane) include: 

  • LPG is a liquid under pressure but becomes gaseous in ambient conditions. 
  • LPG vapour is about 1.55 (propane) to 2.08 (butane) times heavier than air. 
  • LPG boiling point is between -42°C to -0.4°C, depending on the propane to butane constituent ratio in the LPG mixture.
  • The properties of LPG (propane) are -42°C boiling point, -188°C freezing point, heavier than air density. 
  • C3H8 chemical formula, 1967ºC flame temperature, 470°C autoignition temperature.
  • -104°C flashpoint, temperature-based pressure, Ethyl Mercaptan odour, 2.15% to 9.6% LPG/air limits of flammability and more.


Natural Gas vs LPG

LPG is not natural gas, likewise, neither is propane. Oftentimes people may get these confused but many appliances work with LPG or natural gas. However, each fuel source requires special gas utilization fittings. Natural gas is methane whilst LPG is propane or butane.

The biggest difference between LPG vs natural gas is their chemical make-up. LPG is propane (C3H8) vs natural gas, which is methane (CH4). LPG is a product of natural gas processing, as it is refined from raw natural gas.

What’s interesting about LPG is the fact that it is sourced from crude oil refineries. Natural gas is mostly methane while LPG is just propane. Natural gas is delivered through gas mains or pipes while LPG comes in a gas bottle, cylinder, or tank.


Why is LPG superior to other fuel sources?

Many other fuel sources deteriorate and lose efficiency over time; SimsGas LPG maintains consistent energy distribution. Without comparison, SimsGas LPG is one of the foremost flexible fuels, and with good reason, since it’s often cited as a multi-purpose energy source.

SimsGas LPG burns consistently, making it more reliable than other forms of energy. While other fuel sources are trying to keep up, SimsGas LPG’s efficiency is an unparalleled advantage for both people and the planet.

Our LPG is lead-free and has a very low sulphur content. It’s quite easy to control with instant on and off. Quite honestly, that is the reason why most professional kitchens use gas stoves and cook flame rather than electronic stoves. 


Ordering from a reputable supplier

It’s really important to order your LPG from a reputable and reliable supplier like SimsGas. Ordering your LPG from SimsGas allows you to experience a versatile and highly efficient energy source, as well as affordable installations and cheaper running costs.

SimsGas LPG is the perfect solution to all your energy problems since we’ll have you up and running in no time. Our product is one of the cleanest and most efficient fuels available. Our goal is to ensure you are well stocked during the festive season with our reliable and affordable LPG.

Contact SimsGas and start enjoying the benefits of efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving on LPG Gas today.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Through continued investments we make in our staff and our business, we are confident in our business practices. We strive to be viewed not only as suppliers of LPG but as a business partner for energy.

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