Should you choose LPG gas instead of wood and electricity?

In this day and age, we know it is never a practical idea to have your household working solely on the grid due to our Loadshedding problems. Not to mention high electricity bills and the consideration of our environment which is increasingly becoming a concerning factor.

Realistically, we have very limited options to use to keep our homes warm. Using wood may seem like a good idea aesthetically yet it is not as practical as gas. To make our lives a little easier at a reasonable price, let's look at gas as the plan A and make electricity plan B and wood plan C. 


Gas is cheaper than Electricity

With everything becoming so expensive, electricity bills rising, and the arrival of winter, we are once again forced into the position where we have to tighten our belts for economic uncertainty. If you swap to using LPG, this may not be the case.

The fact of the matter is gas is far cheaper than electricity. As rates continue to increase, the only concern you will have is needing to refill your gas canister every so often.

On the other hand, South Africans understand all too well that one of our biggest issues is unexpected power cuts regardless of the season. Even your dinner plans could be disrupted at a moment's notice. With the added benefit of gas, you can continue cooking your meal and keeping the house warm regardless of the load shedding.

One of the other important aspects of using gas instead of electricity (and even wood in some cases) is that it's far more sustainable and better for the environment wholesale. This is because gas releases 60% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere per capita.

We’ve worked out a price comparison for your convenience (Calculations use Rands per kilowatt - R/Kw.)

  • Wood burning stoves/fireplaces – R0.80 – R1.00
  • Gas fireplaces/heaters – R1.00 – R1.19
  • Air-conditioners – R1.05 – R1.28
  • Paraffin oil heaters or stoves – R1.25 – R1.65
  • Electric heaters – R1.75 – R2.13


Moving from wood to gas

While comparatively similar in cost to using wood, gas has other benefits over the above which make it the preferred choice.

A gas fireplace means convenience first and a mess never. Forget the process of preparing wood and finding a place to store all these cumbersome logs and invest in a clean and sustainable gas fireplace. With gas, all you need to do is push an on or off button and enjoy your evening with your family without all that extra hassle.

Using gas is extremely safe. Especially if you are using it correctly! So the main priority is getting a proper installation done by a certified gas technician or distributor, having regular checks on your gas appliances, and refilling your gas cylinder by contacting us at SimsGas.  

Remember! It is important to buy your gas from a licensed gas provider, contact SimsGas now for a quote! 

Contact SimsGas and start enjoying the benefits of efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving LPG today.

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