Staying warm but also being safe with gas this winter

At SimsGas, we are aware of the gap between summer and winter, a gap that would make you forget how cold the last winter was. Due to that we are giving you a winter preparation checklist on keeping you and yours comfortably warm this winter and some safety precautions you should remember.

Stay in contact with your gas provider (SimsGas)

The best advice for preparation is to place your order with SimsGas as soon as possible. Make sure that before we have a long delivery list for winter your name is at the top. While making sure that you have enough gas to take you through the winter season take a look at this checklist, 


A warm winter checklist.

You may forget how your last winter passed by and what you used to keep warm, but we have a few reminders on the need to have items:

  • Hot water bottles, make sure they are still in good condition
  • Electric blanket, try to turn it on before you sleep
  • Puffy blankets, keep a distance from the heater
  • Hot chocolate, to keep warm and comfy in the evenings 

Check your heating appliances.

Contact your maintenance team to come check the house for any faults with the roof, the sealing, and seal any cracks that the house may have. While at it give your gas installer a call to look for any faults, any possible gas leaks, and check your gas appliances and gas underfloor heaters.


Be energy-wise

You may have enough gas to see you through the 3 months of winter but that does not mean you’re free to use it recklessly. Use energy conservatively by setting your programmable thermostat to a low comfortable temperature, a bit cooler at night, and off when everyone is at home or at school. 


Steps to take during a leakage

When the worst happens you need to be prepared. You can probably tell by the smell when your gas leaks so make sure that you are not operating any lights, appliances, or cellphones. Get everyone out of the house first and switch off the main gas supply by turning it to the right.

Then you can call SimsGas or your installer when you are outside to report the leak, do not return to the house until the leak has been checked out.


Never use outdoor appliances indoors

We know you need to cook and stay warm but keeping your family safe is important. Never use your gas grill indoors as a heater, the outdoor heater is also not an option for keeping the house warm, even when there is load-shedding - do not risk it. Most importantly, when you run out of gas, wait for your supplier, and do not use an illegal supplier.

Contact SimsGas and start enjoying the benefits of efficient, sustainable, and cost-saving LPG today.

We will deliver to your home or business, so order today to avoid the winter rush!


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