Gas industries are growing, here’s why…

LPG, or Liquid Petroleum Gas, is a portable, efficient and clean energy source. It is produced during natural gas processing and is stored as a liquid under pressure in gas bottles, cylinders or tanks. Its unique properties make it a versatile energy source which can be used in many different industries.


Below are 7 industries that use LPG.


  1. Automotive Industry

LPG can be used to power vehicles and it’s called Autogas. Gas is ideal for transportation purposes because its emissions are more environmentally friendly and it’s more cost-effective.

In October 2019 about 1 200 minibus taxis in Johannesburg were using natural gas as fuel. 


  1. Aerosol Industry

Since LPG has proved to be environmentally friendly, it has replaced the ozone-depleting CFC gases used previously for the pressurising process of aerosol containers.


  1. Farming Industry

LPG has extensive uses in the Agriculture sector some of which are: crop harvesting, crop drying, weed flaming and pest control, heating of poultry sheds, fish farms, greenhouses and nurseries, for handling and processing of meat and other food products, as well as fuel for forklifts.


  1. Food & Hospitality Industry

LPG is widely used in the food and hospitality industry. Restaurants and hotels need a controllable energy supply to meet the needs of their guests - for cooking and heating in the kitchen and for power and heating in the rooms.


It is ideal in food processing systems like bakeries and biscuit manufacturing as well as the dairy industry for pasteurisation because its clean-burning properties will not expose the products to odours or the risk of contamination.


  1. Glass and Ceramic Industry

LPG is one of the best choices of energy in the glass and ceramic industries. 

Glass melting is a huge operation and needs a large supply of heat. Ceramics made of clay also require a high heating volume in order to dry and harden. 

LPG is also widely used in roofing, ceramic tiles and sanitary ware and is ideal for small pottery business owners who produce handcrafted pottery.


  1. Metal Industry

The metal industry is an important and huge consumer of energy and fuel is used extensively in its steel making and finishing processes. LPG meets this industry’s requirements of temperature regulation and control, of low maintenance costs and of high quality end-products.


  1. Textile Industry

LPG plays a significant role in the textile industry. The production of textile fabrics requires a number of energy-consuming processes - Bath heating (for cleaning, bleaching and dyeing), Drying, print drying, thread singeing (burning off projected yarn for a better finish to the fabric), dyeing and ironing - for which LPG has been found to be a suitable fuel. 


There are many more industries using LPG that are finding it a suitable, dependable and inexpensive source of energy with high returns of top-grade products.

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